Manual Testing Interview Questions


Manual Testing Interview Questions

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  1. How to handle Authentication window?
  2. How to handle multiple windows?
  3. Challenges faced in your automation project and how you overcome those
  4. How to handle complex interaction – Action class?
  5. What kind of Framework using in your organization?
  6. Explain about your framework architecture?
  7. Where did you store all kind of Xpaths in your framework?
  8. What is the HUB & Node?
  9. How do you run your test using a framework?
  10. Write the XPath?
  11. How to handle alerts using web driver?
  12. How to identify two fields(Radio button) in a page with the same id?

Interview Questions For Experience Candidates:

  1. Tell me about your project and responsibilities?
  2. Which module did u work on your project?
  3. How many bugs you have found on your project?
  4. Can you please explain the flow of your project?
  5. Please explain your project architecture with the framework with a diagram?
  6. What are the technical challenges you have faced
  7. If dev has not accepted the bug, what will you do?
  8. Duration of a sprint?
  9. How do u adapt in your company if requirements keep on changing?
  10. How will you – Converted Manual Test Case into Automation Test Scripts.

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